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Proof Reading Editing

Grade 1

  •  Highest quality written content by professional writers with more attention to detail.
  • Search engine friendly, flawless content worth the time and investment.
  • The writers are Native speakers of the English language.

Grade 2

  •  Great quality writing with perfect grammar and punctuation.
  • Search engine friendly, excellent content that is great value.
  • The writers are Native speakers of the English language.

Grade 3

  • Standard quality writing to your satisfaction for a limited budget.
  • Affordable option for large volume assignments.
  • The writers are of Asian origin.

Press Release Articles

  • Clean Look
  • Fresh and Original Content
  • Quick Delivery

Review Articles

  • Well researched work
  • Top Quality Description of the Product
  • Catchy Writing Pitch

Article Writing

  • Authentic High Quality Content
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • Revisions on Request


  • High Quality Content
  • Relevant Images
  • Free E-book cover

Improve Your Non-Native English Written Content

You know how difficult it is to get quality content written by non-native English writer, so here at 11 Creations we provide the ideal solution: UK/US proofreading and editing services.

Proofreading and editing is carried out by native UK and US writers to ensure that your written content makes sense. During the process not only is spelling and grammar checked, but so is the context, word order, phraseology, etc. Copy is edited to meet your SEO needs, too.

The proofreading and editing service can be a cost effective way to improve the quality of your written material to ensure that it meets with the same standards of quality.


Improving the quality of your content written by a non-native English writer:

  •  Your content will be unique and will receive higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo! etc.
  • Your conversion rate will be higher and sales volume will increase as your content appeals to wider markets
  • Promoting your website or blog using cheap content written by non-native English writers could work out more expensive than using proofreading and editing services or considering our other packages for quality native English written content
  • Obtain higher SERPS results with quality native English written content

Using proofreading or editing services on your written content is good practice. Ensuring that your written material is of the highest standard will reflect well on your business and attract customers. It is worthwhile spending money on quality proofreading and editing to obtain higher search engine ranking and improve your internet profile.

All our proofreading and editing is carried out by UK and US native English writers who understand how to make your writing stand out.

If you are unsure if our services are what you require, then place a trial order today to see the difference in the quality of your content.

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