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Call it liberalization of thoughts, education, or improved living standards; the new generation has successfully eradicated the taboo around adult topics, making way for adult content writing. Recently the pandemic has further augmented the online retail and e-commerce business for the adult industry by capturing almost 60% of total business. These growing figures clearly state the immediate demand for online sex writers, who can responsibly tickle the senses with product descriptions, adult blog writing, and various types of adult content development be it content writing or copywriting. We can also add illustrations to make it more appealing.

Covering the wide scope of writing on the adult industry we at 11Creations offer professional adult writing services delivering high-quality content related to –

  1. Sexual health description.
  2. Promotional write-ups for a sex toy or furniture industry.
  3. Ad campaign developers for lingerie, scripts for adult videos.
  4. Adult blog writing material. 
  5. Sexy, enticing adult stories.
  6. Authors for Japanese erotic memes, and popularly known as Hentai Writing.
  7. Write-ups about escort services.
  8. Adult e-book writing.
  9. Erotica writing / novel writing both for online and offline use.

Why professional adult writers are indispensable-

Going by the data from Psychology Today, adult websites contribute 30% of the total web traffic, clearly making it a lucrative source of income for the adult or sex industry. Porn videos and clipping might be an initial winner in the game but long–term profits are garnered only due to adult write-ups, which helps in creating a successful relationship with the niche audience. In fact, just by running adult video clips and images, websites or the product majors cannot create demand for the product and services, rather strong, supportive words are necessary to crack the deal. We proffer a team of creative, adult writers to give words to your imaginations, apart from just the content, we save your resources for other business activities while we honestly take care of attracting traffic to the website. Let us look at few reasons why we are your true support system-

  1. Careful selection of words 

The adult industry has been under the shadow of ignorance for a long, so while selecting the words for the sex toy description, swinging fantasises, threesome or an erotic story narration, our writers make sure that it pleases the senses without hurting the sentiments. 

  1. Specific content development for a niche audience 

Content development is not an easy task, especially when it comes to writing for the adult industry that includes hush-hush topics and highly sensitive issues to be discussed. Our professional writers funnel the target audience and develop content with catchy lines and erotic styles so that the readers keep on craving for more.

  1. Responsible and sensible writing

Erotic writing is different from other forms of writing jobs, the writers need to be more responsible in answering the queries and debunking the myths prevailing in the industry. Adult industry includes sexual and mental health too, so if a topic is not handled professionally, it might lead to more confusion.

  1. Well researched, SEO oriented content

Our team of expert writers gives insight into each adult subject and product after extensive research in order to avoid any mistake in imparting the information to the end-user. The SEO keywords rich content ensures that maximum traffic is diverted to the adult website, helping in better generation of revenue.

  1. Helps in brand creation and increasing the profit margin

The adult industry generally does not follow any strict regulations leading to several underrated websites and low-grade products, but well-written content or researched videos offers authenticity to the adult products and services. Gradually the end-user understands the difference and prefers high-quality content rather than quantity.

       6. Write on kinky merchandise

     like ropes, cuffs, whips, dildos, masks, lingerie, whip sticks, fake genitals, etc. You imagine and we can write on that. Your fantasises can come
     to life with our professional writing.

      7. Adds positivity to the topic

Sex and adult topics garner lots of negativity and have been considered a dark subject, but using the right positive words and attitude towards the subject aids in making the brand popular and interesting, leading to better understanding, sales, and revenue generation.


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